2021 Research Showcase Schedule

Interested in hearing the latest and greatest in Living Infrastructure research? DesignLIFES is hosting a virtual Research Showcase on June 14th that will include presentations from a collection of graduate students from the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and Saint Mary’s University. Presentations will begin at 10:00am EST and will run throughout the day. Stay tuned for more information on how to attend!

Morning Session: Biochar & Food Production

Melanie Sifton

10:15 Interactive effects of biochar and N-fixing cover crops on growth and physiology of Acer saccharinum

Wenxi Liao

10:30 Biochar effects on plant growth and water quality on green roofs

Tamer Almaaitah

10:45 Real-Time Water Level Monitoring for Rooftop Urban Farm with a Low-Cost Cloud-Connected Sensor

Adriano Roberto

11:00 Resource facilitation, water stress and food productivity on extensive green roofs.

Afternoon Session: GHG & Green Roofs

Md Abdul Halim

1:15 Greenhouse gas flux patterns from green roof substrates and some surprising effects of biochar

Imrul Kayes

1:30 Green House Gas (GHGs) Flux in Urban Ecosystems

Taylor Hicks

1:45 Native Plant Mixtures for Atlantic Canada Green Roofs: plant mixtures, propagation techniques and soil design

Samantha Pelayo Cazares

2:00 Development of a customized flow sensor and its calibration curve to measure the hydrological response of a green roof at the University of Toronto

Catlin Bradbury

2:15 Functional difference in plant communities as a driver of green roof ecosystem services