Principal Investigators

Jennifer Drake

Professor Drake has expertise in low impact development, green infrastructure, stormwater management. Utilizing emergent methodologies such as low impact development, and newer sensor technologies for advanced performance monitoring, her group seeks to move engineering knowledge beyond the static models conventionally used for evaluating the sustainability of systems.

She is the Co-Researcher, Hydrology at the Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory in the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.

Marney Isaac

Professor Isaac has expertise in plant-soil interactions, and is Canada Research Chair in Agroecosystems and Development. Her lab conducts interdisciplinary research on plant strategies and the nutrient economy of agroecosystems. They investigate practices that improve the efficiency of nutrient cycles, optimize plant-soil interactions, and promote landscape scale services in low-input agriculture and agroforestry systems. Please visit Professor Isaac’s lab page for information on her research.

Darko Joksimovic

Professor Jokosimov has expertise in modeling, decision support and optimization of urban water systems. His research focuses on urban water issues, particularly how cities discharge stormwater and wastewater.

Jeremy Lundholm

Professor Lundholm studies the ecology of plants, particularly at the community level. The main research goals of his lab are to determine how species diversity is maintained in plant communities, and how this diversity contributes to ecosystem functioning, addressing applied and theoretical questions in a variety of habitats, including urban ecosystems. Please visit his lab page for more information.

Scott MacIvor

Professor MacIvor has expertise in urban ecology, pollinators and biodiversity. His research focusses on how to support biodiversity conservation through urban planning and design, and how community ecology and biodiversity can be used as a template for urban greening to improve ecosystem service delivery.

Liat Margolis

Professor Margolis is the Director of the Daniels Faculty’s Green Roof Innovation Testing Laboratory. Please visit the gritlab page for more information.

Jeffrey McDonnell

Professor McDonnell is Associated Director of the Global Institute for Water Security and leads the McDonnell Hillslope Hydrology Lab.

Brent Sleep

Professor Sleep is the chair of the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto. Please read more about his research here.

Sean Thomas

Dr. Thomas has been preoccupied with the comparative biology of trees and forest responses to the intentional and accidental impacts of humans for some 25 years. Sean has been at the University of Toronto since 1999, and is currently appointed as an NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Biochar and Ecosystem Restoration. Visit his lab page for more information.