Our Researchers

Tamer Almaaitah – PhD (Joksimovic)
Integrated Living Infrastructure and the Development of Smart Sensor Systems

Samantha Pelayo Cazares – MSc (Drake)
Runoff Quantity in Green Roofs

Md Halim – PDF (Thomas)
Biogeophysical Aspects of Urban Living Infrastructures (green roofs)

Taylor Hicks – MSc (Lundholm)
Native Plant Mixtures for Atlantic Canada Green Roofs

Wenxi Liao – PhD (Thomas and Drake)
Biochar Effects on Green Roof Hydrology and Plant Responses

Melanie Sifton – PDF (Thomas)
Biochar Applications along a Gradient of Constructed Urban Systems

Sylvie Spraakman – PhD Candidate (Drake)
Bioretention: Inside the Black Box

Ke Qin – MSc Student (Drake)
Low Impact Development

Garland Xie – PhD (MacIvor)
Characterizing Multidimensional Urban Landscapes to Optimize Habitat Connectivity and Limit Biological Invasions